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Fans spot Deathstroke in The Suicide Squad storyboard, pointing to initial plans before Bloodsport swap

There were a number of posts on social media which points out one possible and initial plan that director James Gunn had for The Suicide Squad. The use of Deathstroke as the main character.

There were a bunch of ideas planned for the Suicide Squad of 2021 and when Gunn was initially announced to be the director for the movie, fans were already giddy with the persistent rumors that they would be seeing the character Deathstroke the Terminator aka Slade Wilson in the picture.

However those plans were later revoked and rumors shot down with the announcement of English actor Idris Elba joining the cast. And then we also got to see what he looked like for the film which is immensely different from his comic book counterpart. He had blue and orange motif for his costume.

Which brings us to the main story for this post, somebody pointed out in one photo for the behind the scenes of TSS a photo for “Team 2” in the planning room with a sketch of Deathstroke.

This leads to the belief that Bloodsport was a replacement for Deathstroke.

Also wanted to point out that John Cena’s Peacemaker character carried a big gun on the beach scene from the opening. I did like the finished product for Peacemaker especially his exploding compressed bullets.

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