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Amazing Spider-Man # 850 featuring the return of Green Goblin gets a new trailer

After an awesome run as the Red Goblin for the Spider-Man milestone issue with Amazing Spider-Man # 800, Norman Osborn aka the Green Goblin returns again fifty issues later for Amazing Spider-Man # 850.

To hype up Spider-Man’s nemesis returning to the scene, Marvel recently shared a trailer for Amazing Spider-Man # 850!

The new milestone issue will be written by Nick Spencer with art by some of the most iconic artists to work on a Spider-Man book before namely Mark Bagley and Humberto Ramos. We also have the regular artist for the book, Ryan Ottley work on the title as well.

And because Norman’s such a big threat nowadays, it looks like we’ll also be seeing a bunch of Spider-Men and women joining Peter Parker in his fight against the Goblin. The ASM # 850 trailer revealed that we’ll be seeing regular supporting characters like Miles Morales, Ghost-Spider and even the new Madame Webb showing up to help Parker.

Remember though, this was the same thread that was done in issue 800 with a handful of allies helping Parker take down the then Symbiote-possessing Green Goblin, who has become the new Red Goblin and terrorizes the night skies on New York City.

I dunno about you, but I’m more interested with the variant covers they seem to be teasing as welll including a cover by Gabrielle Del Otto.

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