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Arsenal and Wally West are among the Dead in Heroes in Crisis # 1

Spoilers for this week’s Heroes in Crisis # 1, particularly on the dead characters.


The deaths occured in Heroes in Crisis # 1 where somebody killed everybody in Sanctuary, a place that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman built for the hero community. While there is a.suspect already established in the first issue, this all could be a misdirection on DC’s part.

The current mystery is who did this to them and why even Wally West, the fastest man alive, was killed. In the recently concluded Flash War, it showed that Wally West was faster than Barry Allen and he even beat Superman who tried to catch up with them.

Arsenal aka Roy Harper may just be human but his skills when it comes to combat are above average. He’s also trained with Green Arrow, who also has mad skills and experience when it comes to fighting.

Both are also founding members of the Teen Titans together with Donna Troy, Dick Grayson and the first Aqualad. The team recently reformed as the Titans with the original lineup too.

Heroes in Crisis # 1 ends by the way with Harley Quinn revealing to Booster Gold that he was responsible for the deaths that took place in Sanctuary, a place for heroes to recover from trauma and stress.

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