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Two More X-Men Become Ahab’s Hounds – Extermination # 3

This week’s issue of Extermination, Extermination # 3, reveals more X-Men have been turned into Ahab’s mutant hunting hounds and its a surprising twist.


Extermination # 2 ended with Ahab, the man responsible for killing Bloodstorm in issue 1, attacking the Xavier School looking for any of the time-displaced original 5 X-Men. Then its revealed that the hunter has managed to turn Old Man Logan into his hound.

OML attacks young Beast but gets repelled by older Hank McCoy. During the battle where he was actually rather useless, he snaps his fingers and all the sleeper agents are activated. When its revealed who did this to Logan and upon learning that the other X-Men have been spread out around the world, Ahab leaves. This is of course after Beast gets kidnapped.

What is is with snaps of fingers this year?

With a snap, Nightcrawler of Jean Grey’s X-Men Red team snaps and attacks Young Cyclops…

… While Shatterstar of the not-yet-X-Force team attacks Jean Grey.

Nightcrawler’s attack is creative and seriously deadly as he teleports Scott Summers outside the safety of the X-Men’s Searebro base, hoping that the pressure underwater would do him in.

Meanwhile, Shatterstar is causing so much damage with his attack on Jean Grey. Even his X-Force teammates can’t control him, so Cannonball decides to separate the assassin and the target.

We’ll get into the other details from Extermination # 3 soon.

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