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Batman # 54 Review

Here’s my Batman # 54 review from xx DC Comics which was written by Tom King with art by Matt Wagner.

Batman # 54 review

Tom King continues to explore and flesh out Batman’s new status quo after his failed “wedding” with Catwoman.

This time we go and examine his relationship with Nightwing aka Dick Grayson.

I loved the art that Wagner brought in to tell this character driven story that goes back and forth between the past and the present.

As always, King is a master of putting out more meat to already established bonds that Batman has. We’ve seen it with Superman, Joker, Poison Ivy and even Booster Gold. The Caped Crusader has a lot of bonds with a lot of people and its a surprise that we’ve only tackled the sidekicks.

Under Tom King’s writing, we find out just how hard it was to raise an orphaned Dick Grayson after the traumatic experience of witnessing his parents’ death and then suddenly living as Bruce Wayne’s ward in Wayne Manor.

In the present, we also get treated to a who’s Who of Batman’s crazier rogues, the D-Listers if you will.

Too bad we don’t have Kite Man in this issue though and thats the real disappointment here.

Nightwing’s reactions were written on point and he naturally assumes the role of his former identity as Robin where he shows that he’s having fun if the situation allows it.

All throughout Batman # 54 we see glimpses of how Dick was raised by both Bruce and Alfred and how that had affected Dick’s home life as well as how it had shaped him as a person.

Batman # 54 Verdict

Overall, this issue gives readers a look at how Batman is slowly building himself back after getting rekt and how he still has his support group no matter what.

Batman # 54 was a truly enjoyable issue and I’m sincerely hoping that we get to see TK Batman interact with the other Robins because thats one for drama.


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