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The Hood becomes the new Ghost Rider – Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance # 1

The modern villain and supposed antagonist in the now shelved Iron Heart series The Hood becomes the new Ghost Rider in the current miniseries titled Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance # 1 from Marvel.

Check out what happened after the cut oh and SPOILER ALERT for the book written by Benjamin Percy and artist Danny Kim.

So in this story, the real spirit of vengeance, Zarathos has left the body of Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider in search of a new host. The ethereal spirit travels all around the US to look for a suitable host all the while causing chaos and death. In one instance, Zarathos bonds with the robot mutant Danger (who we haven’t seen for a long time), the possession lets Zarathos travel through the Internet and possess more people and get more intel on who should be the next Ghost Rider. It continues to do so until he reaches The Hood, a one-time powerful crime lord of NYC during the so-called Dark Reign when Norman Osborn became the top cop of the Marvel Universe.

I have to say I like the redesign that they gave The Hood aka Parker Robbins, the small time thief who took the mystical hood and raised an army of supervillains.

Marvel has already laid the foundation of The Hood becoming the new Ghost Rider in a previous story which also involved Elsa Bloodstone and our OG Johnny Blaze and now it looks like they circled back on the idea. There’s even promotional art for this new twist which also gives us a look at GR Hood with his trademark twin pistols.

I liked the ending page version though from Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance # 1. It’s subtle and follows the previous design of the previous Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes.

I’m interested to see how this pans out and for how long.

Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance # 1 is out now in stores!

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