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Inhumans Enlist Major Thor Character Against the Kree (Death of the Inhumans # 3)

This week’s issue of Death of Inhumans, which is Death of the Inhumans # 3 seems to point to a fairly good ending for the Inhuman Royal Family despite the shocking ending for issue 2.

In this issue, Karnak is rescued by the remaining members of the Royal Family, namely Medusa, Crystal and Gorgon. Karnak informs the queen that Black Bolt was abducted by Vox and the rest of the brash Kree imperials who wants the Inhumans back in their control.

While Black Bolt survives the ordeal and does his own thing, the rest of his family plan their attack.

Medusa decides that its time to acquire some heavy firepower and they go to that somebody’s planet.

Beta Ray Bill in Death of the Inhumans #3

Beta Ray Bill in Death of the Inhumans #3

Its then revealed that Beta Ray Bill has been staying in this planet for some time now and wants nothing to do with houses and alliances.

We also find out that Lockjaw and Beta Ray Bill have been close and have even gone on little adventures, so knowing that these Kree along with Vox has murdered Lockjaw, things have become personal.

Dont forget to pickup Death of the Inhumans # 3 as it comes out this week from Marvel. It was written by Donny Cates with art by Ariel Olivetti.

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