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And the Villains for Young Justice Outsiders Are…

Some news for the third season of Young Justice called Young Justice Outsiders! There are several confirmations on the identity of the main villains for this new season for the fan-favorite superhero series.

So based on the promotional material that was tacked on the Young Justice booth at Comic Con 2018, its been revealed that Vandal Savage will be returning as the series’ main villain. But come on, do we really need that, we already saw the end of the season 2 with Savage flying off to meet the Light’s secret partner.

From the artwork posted above you can see the image of Vandal Savage with what looks to be Apokolips behind him. Now we haven’t seen Darkseid completely in the last season but we know Apokolips when we see it and that’s definitely Apokolips.

At the moment, we all just have to wait for the first trailer for Young Justice Outsiders which is set to be released at SDCC 2018’s Friday show.

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