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Iron Man was using celestial tech to save humanity – Hulk # 1

Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley say hello to the Hulk with Hulk # 1 where we find out that Banner has found a new reason to leave Earth once more after going through so much in Immortal Hulk.

The former Venom and Thor writer will be exploring a new side to the Hulk and will literally transform the Hulk’s body into a starship to get around places. The FCBD Hulk one shot shows Banner going through an AIM warehouse to get parts and we see that he’s actually putting things in his body.

In the first issue, Hulk now being piloted by a rage fueled Bruce Banner and aims to reach Tony Stark’s secret project called Project ARK which is way to evacuate the world’s population through tampered Celestial technology.

Turns out Stark got this idea and the means for doing it, during the events of king in Black when Knull invaded Earth, he brought a number of horrible creatures to Earth and used symbiotes to control Celestials too.

It was also in that event that Iron Man hijacked a Celestial and used it as a mecha to fight the symbioted on Earth…

And now Banner wants to use the portal that Stark created to travel somewhere again using the context that he turned his body into a starship.

I’m honestly impressed that current Tony Stark is doing this and this will definitely bite him in the ass in the future. The Eternals are already angry that the Avengers used the corpse of a dead Celestial and turned into their base of operations dubbed Avengers Mountain. Who knows when these giant beings will take notice of Stark and what he’s doing.

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