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5 Good Things from the Titans Trailer

DC’s Titans TV series has begun the hype machine and with Comic Con weekend about to start in a few hours, they released the teaser trailer which was “divisive” at best, with an odd looking Starfire and a potty mouth Robin. Watch that trailer below:


But obviously, there are a lot of good things about the series, some promising things that could sate any DC fan who may not be getting their proper dose from the other CW shows like Arrow and The Flash. So here are 5 good things from the Titans trailer.

1. Violence

Who wants violence in their shows? I do. I loved the amount of beatdown these vigilantes offered in the trailer for Titans. Whether its Robin stepping on necks of perps or the character Dove…not being dove like, there’s a lot of intense moments in Titans. That gets a good vote of confidence for me.

2. The Drama and Angst

Raven’s plot will bookend the first season and if that’s not drama enough for you, you also have the series-long angst for Dick Grayson who has moved away from being Batman’s sidekick to becoming a rudderless Boy Wonder. I’m pretty sure that Beast Boy and Starfire will also have their own drama to bring into the fray. I didn’t really feel Brenton Thwaites as Robin but seeing him become Dick Grayson definitely changed my mind.

3. All those Characters

Titans is promising because of the sheer number of characters they will introduce and reintroduce. The Doom Patrol will have their own special episode which will likely be the starting point for their own TV series. The girls of both Titans and Doom Patrol have even showed them having fun in and out of the set of the series. Hawk and Dove will also figure here in the series as well as Jason Todd and Donna Troy.

4. Potty Mouths

OK, this one’s a bit of a stretch, but this one explores the possibility of a more realistic approach to teen and young adult superheroes. Robin was the shining example with his “Fuck Batman” line but it won’t likely end there. I’m pretty sure that there would be other characters that would also do this. My next bet would be Hawk or even Raven.

5. The World Building

Also because of the sheer number of characters that’s set to appear in the first season alone, think of the sheer number of places, events and characters that can be built and created thanks to the Titans series. Just like how Arrow welcomed Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen before the eventual release of The Flash TV series, this could be the same thing that can happen

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