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Marvel Trolls Cyclops Fans – Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey # 5

This week, Marvel once again trolled / insulted Cyclops fans with the character’s appearance in Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey # 5 by Matthew Rosenberg and Leinil Francis Yu.


I guess, this week’s issue is just a reminder that Marvel hates Cyclops and that “Cyclops Was Right”. Too bad though. It would have been great if both Scott Summers and his deceased spouse Jean Grey re-appeared in the Marvel Universe post Secret War and during “Marvel Legacy”. But that’s just me.

So what happens in Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey # 5, Jean confronts the Phoenix Force that not only brought her back but also wants to reconnect with her as it’s host in the universe. Just like a boyfriend or a girlfriend that’s about to be dumped for good, the fiery bird tries to sway Jean’s decision. It does so by bringing back Cyclops.

And Jean’s not having of that shit…

Yeah, at this point of the story, I was like….

Even Jean went back a little and actually realized THIS was her husband she was dealing with and not the Phoenix Force.

For some few seconds my OTP in the X-Men was back together again. It was glorious. It was perfect. They even have that tender scene where they recreate that sappy moment where Jean tries to convince Scott to look at her without those ruby quartz glasses of his.

Even Wolverine and Logan star Hugh Jackman approves!

And then, just like that, the trollage continues and Jean Grey starts going back to her original intention. Fuck the whole love thing right?

Rather than be indebted to the Phoenix Force for bringing Cyclops back to life, Jean decides that she wants to live. And has also accepted the fact that life involves death (which is a pretty interesting thing to say considering she’s the poster girl for resurrection and rebirth).

The next few pages are an exposition wherein Jean and the Phoenix Force have a lengthy conversation. In a show of power, the Phoenix also warps her costume and by the time the breakup is done, we find Jean Grey back to life as an omega level powered telepath in her Marvel Girl costume and looking down at the body of her dead husband.

So my quick gripe here is that was it really necessary for Cyclops to be brought back to life? Could there have been another way to hammer the point? Cyclops is currently a raw nerve for X-Men fans. He died a stupid death and despite the fans clamoring for more stories with the mutant leader, Marvel’s choosing to ignore it. Instead we get horrible stuff like last last year’s Inhumans vs X-Men or Death of X.

We did not even get a proper funeral issue for Summers. Then this happens. Why? Why are they doing this?

Was that a sucker punch or a kick in the nuts as a fan of the X-Men? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss.


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