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Who Returns in Flash War Part 4 (Flash # 50 Spoilers)

Flash War ends with this week’s The Flash # 50 and features a surprise return of another classic member of the Flash family.

The book was written by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter.

So in this penultimate chapter of Flash War ends the argument between Barry Allen and Wally West against Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom who has also assumed the role of The Flash and mamaged to trick the two Flashes to break the Speed Force and gain access to the Strength Force and the Sage Force.

In the end, Wally West kicks Zolomon’s ass by unleashing his temporal energies and knocking him out of the now returned Hypertime.

In the wake of the Flash War, Wally decides to go running look for his missing family namely Irey and Jai West. Barry returns to his life on the other hand as a member of the Justice League, working with the police and, you know, being The Flash.

Meanwhile, we also get to see this splash page.

That’s right, Bart Allen has officially returned to the DCU after the end of Flash War. How and when he’ll officially make contact with his grandfather, Barry Allen, we have to wait and see. Also how will this affect the current status quo of the teen superheroes like the Teen Titans knowing that they already have a resident speedster in the form of Kid Flash.

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