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Why are the Avengers running around with mechs in Avengers: Mech Strike (Spoilers)

Obviously the main reason we have Avengers: Mech Strike is to sell more toys for Marvel and Hasbro, there should be a deeper reason why Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are piloting mechs in this miniseries written by Jed McKay and Carlos Magno.

Spoiler Alert by the way

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The reason why the Avengers are driving mechs based on their looks and powers because they wanted to stop a new biomechanical threat. Black Panther succeeds in finding a resistant material in the form of Vibranium. And with that information, Tony Stark gathers the team including Spider-Man and gives them gauntlets…

He reveals that the gauntlets are just the sweetener and that he has built the team their own respective mechs/ giant robots to battle these invaders. He also added in vibranium to make it on equal footing with the unknown enemies.

As they all take out their mechs on a test run, these biomechanical threats suddenly rouse from its sleep.

The series is interesting at the very least. Will probably pick up the next issue.

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