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What Happened to the Wedding of Kitty Pryde and Colossus – X-Men Gold # 30

So lets check back with Colossus and Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat in the pages of X-Men Gold # 30.

We get to see a lot of things here, from a flashback with Peter and Kitty after his return from Secret War and finding a new girlfriend to the present where Piotr oversees the preparation for the wedding.

We get a few reunions including a quick appearance of Lockheed, who now has a family.

There’s also a heart to heart talk between Ilyanna Rasputin aka Magik and Kitty which ends on a miserable note.

… Where Ilyanna tells Kitty that maybe this wedding will fail because of how long her brother and her bestfriend has been going on and off with their relationships.

There was also bit of melodrama prior to the nuptials.

Piotr also gasps at the beauty of his bride…

During the wedding, in front of all their friends and family, Kitty decides to call the wedding off by phasing to the ground.

Piotr follows suit by having Nightcrawler teleport him somewhere else.

Later in the story, the lovers get reunited and they sort out their feelings and their status.

They return later for the biggest surprise and one of the greatest X-Men moments in recent years.

So yeah, tl;dr Kitty Pryde and Colossus did not get married. They still are a thing but we don’t know when or if they would ever actually tie the knot.

Go get the book as its still out today with script and plot by

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