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New Batgirl Costume Redesigned by Sean Murphy

There will be a new Batgirl costume which will be redesigned by DC artist Sean Murphy.

According to reports, the new costume has elements from the New 52 costume opting to ditch the cowl entirely and showing off Barbara Gordon’s auburn hair.

If this “new” costume reminds you of anything it has to be Bab’s Year One costume as seen in a window from the image above.

Its also cute, if you read the design notes, that they actually want to put in bat-shaped threads in her boots.

The new costume is set to appear this August and will feature an old enemy also from the New 52 Batgirl books called Grotesque who now has a penchant for making “artworks” using human parts.

Sounds like a tough break for Batgirl, but knowing her, she’ll be doing just fine.

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