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Booster Gold is an Asshole in Batman # 45 (Spoilers)

This week’s Batman # 45 by Tom King and Tony S. Daniels reveals how much of an asshole Booster Gold can be and how things fell sideways after he decided to screw up reality and give us another version of Flashpoint.

So before we proceed any further, SPOILER ALERT for Batman # 45

We open the issue with Booster Gold witnessing a somewhat crazy Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern committing suicide by using his Green Lantern ring. He’s not fazed but he felt intensity.

Slowly we get to see what’s become of Gotham City and it’s “protectors”.

Tim Drake never became Robin/ Red Robin and has become an ordinary worker drone.

Jason Todd, never became Robin, never died at the hands of the Joker and his wheel stealing days have left a mark on him. In this alternate history, he’s become a tire-jacker product salesman.

… as a bonus, his product can fatally taser infected “jokers”.

We find out during Booster Gold’s tomfoolery has also changed who Batman is, and as he tries to talk to “Batman”, who now feels a tad like Marvel’s The Punisher…

… and this Batman is is apparently Dick Grayson.

Tom King also reveals what happened to Duke…

And there’s also no Damian Wayne because there was never a Bruce Wayne as Batman; meaning Bruce and Talia Al Ghul never became a thing.

She’s become hellbent in succeeding her father Ras al Ghul as the leader of Europe.

So what happened to Bruce Wayne? Apparently, he’s still the same Bruce we all know, with the exception of him actually having parents.

It was during Thomas and Martha Wayne’s anniversary that Booster Gold decides to crash into Wayne Manor.

He then explains what happened to this world and how he was involved in all this chaos, which he takes from a leaf out of the classic story “For the Man Who Has Everything”.

Booster Golds confession about his gift gets some positive reaction from Bruce Wayne.

But instead of making Booster Gold return to the reality where he was about to be married to Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, he destroys Skeets.

So there. Booster Gold was an asshole, its not far from how he was in the past but this action is definitely one of the most irresponsible actions he has done.

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