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Deadpool 2 Director David Leitch Reportedly Set to Direct Tom Clancy’s The Division movie

Its been awhile since we heard anything about The Division movie from Ubisoft but today is a great day because it gets a push in the right direction with the addition of Deadpool 2’s director, David Leitch.

Leitch will be entering Deadpool 2’s promotional phase where he may or may not go places to promote the movie together with the film’s main star Ryan Reynolds. But after the hypin has died down, we can expect the director to star work on the film project which also happens to be Ubisoft’s second forray into the world of movies. The first one was Assassin’s Creed starring Michael Fassbender.

assassins creed official poster

Here’s what Ubioft wrote about the Division movie back in 2016:

The Division is coming to the big screen, and no, we’re not talking about that time you ran the Falcon Lost Incursion on your buddy’s projector. The battle to restore order to Manhattan is being made into a movie by Ubisoft Motion Pictures, and will star Jessica Chastain (Interstellar, Zero Dark Thirty) and Jake Gyllenhaal (End of Watch, Nightcrawler).

In addition to starring in the film, both Chastain and Gyllenhaal will be a part of the development process through their production companies, Freckle Films and Nine Stories, respectively. The pandemic-stricken streets of The Division are filled with countless stories of love, loss, treachery, and heroism, but we’ll have to wait to find out what avenues the film will explore.

The Division is the latest Ubisoft property to join the Ubisoft Motion Picture production line-up. Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon,Watch Dogs, and Rabbids movies are all in development, and of course, Assassin’s Creed starring Michael Fassbender will be released this winter on December 21st.

They also have a ton of other properties that they want to turn into Hollywood movies like Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon. Oh and can you imagine a FarCry movie in the near future?

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