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Top 5 Ms Marvel looks from the comics

Celebrating the release of Ms Marvel on Disney+ here are the top 5 looks for Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel ever since she first appeared in the Marvel Universe.

In case you’re wondering there’s a big difference between comics Kamala and MCU / Disney+ Kamala mainly where she got her powers. The comics sees Kamala getting exposed to the Inhuman terrigen mist which placed Kamala in a cocoon and emeging with her powers. These abilities include:

  • Morphogenetics
  • Superhuman Strength and Durability
  • Elasticity, Plasticity and Malleability
  • Appearance Alteration
  • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Bioluminescence
  • Shapeshifting
  • Size Alteration
  • Biomass Manipulation

1. The Current

The current look for Ms Marvel is on the top of our list because its classic and awesome. Integrating the classic “zip” design from Ms Marvel Carol Danvers into her own costume, she truly stepped into the limelight as her own and went out with this costume. The red and blue throughout the costume also exudes heroism and the domino mask not only rounds up the look but also pays homage to the way Carol Danvers looked for a long time before assuming the role of Captain Marvel.

Plus you know the look is good if they Marvel Studios didn’t even bother developing a new look for the Disney+ series and just lifted the design straight from the comics.

2. Old Lady Kamala

Old Lady Kamala was a future version of Kamala Khan who joins the reality-bouncing superteam known as the Exiles. No longer just using her inhuman powers, older Kamala prefers guns and weapons to fight enemies they encounter.

What makes her join this list is the addition of firearms to her look. It says a lot about where she’s been and what she’s seen. Kind of what happens when you mix the X-Men’s Cable with the young Captain Marvel fangirl.

3. Mystic Marvel

A Champions story sees the members of the team get transported to a fantasy world with most of the team looking very different from their 616 counterpart. Here Kamala Khan goes by Mystic Marvel and there’s a number of changes to her uniform. Her leggings become a skirt, she gets a cape and a hood,


4. Captain Marvel of the Guardians

In the Cosmic Ghost Rider book we meet the Guardians of the Galaxy which includes an alternate reality Kamala Khan who gets the power of the Terrigen Mist and Captain Marvel not to mention inheriting Captain America’s shield.

This Kamala was sent to a ghetto by a dictator Thanos in this alternate world where she kept fighting to uphold her beliefs. Its also later in this reality that she gets the shield and Danvers’ powers plus her own inhuman ability.


5. Magnificent Ms. Marvel

This one is cool because Kamala got this on an off-world adventure together with her parents where she was thrust into saving an alien species from domination. When she encounters a Kree ship, a nano suit was given to her that updated her look. Think Iron Spider from Infinity War.

The great thing with this suit is it can transform into different things including a nice school bag for Kamala to lug around.

Ms. Marvel is coming to Disney+ starring Iman Vellani and is set to premiere June 8.

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