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Human X Ultraman Collection

Here’s a look at the recently released Human X Ultraman Collection which is now in stores nationwide.

We have a couple of nice designs here for different types of clothes ranging from shorts to polo shirts all showing bits of Ultraman or the enemies that give him a hard time. There’s also a belt bag which is definitely back in terms of popularity.

I dig the tote bag which from all of the products featured is the one that really shows off Netflix Ultraman in it.


I was hoping to see more but the sure get for me would be the white shirt with the Ultraman print and the jogging pants with the Ultraman head design.

The Ultraman anime series on Netflix came out with its first season on April 1, 2019 which is a 3D CGI anime series which was produced by Production I.G. and Tsuburaya Productions. Ultraman Season 1 came out with 13 episodes while Ultraman season 2 came out April 14, 2022 with just a total of 6 episodes.

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