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Sticker Con MNL 2018 Proves that Stickers are Still a Big Thing

Last weekend, I took a trip to the Bayanihan Center in Mandaluyong City to check out Sticker Con MNL 2018 and I was not disappointed at all with what I saw.

Sticker Con MNL 2018’s main push came from Fandom Feels, a sticker brand that crafts awesome popculture puns and artworks.

Tony Tuason of Flipgeeks chilling as an exhibitor @ Sticker Con MNL 2018


Emman Centeno showing off some of his stuff on display


Seriously one of the more “mabenta” stickers either featured Thanos or the Infinity Gauntlet

One of the best things about Sticker Con MNL 2018 was the fact that it had cheap stuff being sold. No CGC graded comic books or expensive, rare action figures, its just stickers… Lots and lots of stickers.


Freely Abrigo poses with some of his stuff… Like I said, Thanos = benta

There were a lot of renowned exhibitors but it also was a hotbed for new talents who wanted to get more buzz.

10 pesos for a sticker pack was also a common trend at Sticker Con MNL 2018 and it was beautiful for that.

Syempre, it won’t be popculture without Star Wars too.

There were also non-traditional arts and stickers being sold which was a gateway for new artists being discovered or room for future collaborations too.

When Fandom Feels’ Grace Marcellana was asked on the origins of Sticker Con MNL 2018 she had this to say:

Oh, I just thought that with all the other cons for different things and topics like comics, fashion, toys, and more—maybe it’s high time we got one that puts stickers and sticker artists in the spotlight as well. Besides, I think most would agree that stickers have this enduring appeal. And people of all ages can relate to stickers! So, I came up with Sticker Con MNL. :p



Commuter Express suited up as Tony Stark while selling his great looking stickers.

Toto Madayag busy signing his merch at Sticker Con MNL 2018

Around 2:30 pm, the organizers had announced that the event had already hit 1000 attendees. They only opened 10am so in 4 hours they had already reached a big number. I had to cheer on for this feat.

I wish that they could have made this a two-day event. That would be really make it a celebration of love for stickers. As it stands though, the event was one helluva experience. I’ve never seen so many people so ready to spend insane amounts on stickers. I love it.

So to the organizers and sponsors, congratulations and see you next year?

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