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Game Night Review

Here’s my Game Night review which opens March 14. It stars Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

At first glance, it feels like a regular, filler-y comedy flick with comedic mainstay Jason Bateman. Thought it would be another “Horrible Bosses” or something. But that wasn’t the case.

Game Night was a fun movie, starts slow but then ramps up the laughs until we reach the climax. Interestingly enough there’s not much physical comedy there. It’s all quips and one-liners and a lot of smartass moments. Running jokes are also a thing in this flick, like Bateman and McAdams’ semen jokes or that bit that involves unfaithfulness and Denzel Washington.

Rachel McAdams was back in the game here. Almost Regina George levels minus the snark and the bitchyness. She also looks great in this movie. So pretty.

Most of the cast that they put here in this film range from good to great with some being under-used. I am happy though that they maximized Jessie Plemons (Black Mirror, USS Callister) who plays the gang’s former friend, who also happens to be a police officer who wants back in the game. The guy knocks his creepy guy role right out the park.

Bottom line is all characters here work perfectly together. Even the weakest couple in the movie, managed to get a few laughs in. This plus all the situations thrown at them or find themselves in makes for some big laugh out loud moments.

If you’re not a fan of blood and gore, then fair warning, there’s a ton of bloody moments. But its all good.

In this Game Night review, I also want to say how much I fanboy-ed over the appeaeance of a classic TV series star who makes an appearance in the movie. Who is he/her? You need to watch the movie to find out who because I ain’t spoiling.

Game Night Review – Verdict


Game Night’s fun and you’ll love all the moments here in this comedy flick. Bloody and hilarious, Game Night is a great popcorn-muncher.

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