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LOOK: Fandom Feels PH Proves You’re Never Too Old for Stickers

Stickers were fun when we were young and before the Internet and other devices. We sorta outgrew them but thanks to Fandom Feels PH, stickers are alive once more.

Here’s a look at some of the stickers I got from the small biz during Summer Komikon 2016.


I’m no longer Team Cap because of a number of arguments over Civil War, but at the time I picked these stickers, I was very much a Captain America fanboy.


There’s also that “Avocados at Law” sticker from Daredevil featuring a cute version of Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson.


My sort of personal favorite at the moment thanks to Captain America: Civil War…


Check out their Instagram and Facebook page and order like hell because their products are not only inexpensive, you’ve got tons of choices too. Again, you’re never too old for stickers.

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