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Mazinger Z Infinity Scheduled to be Screened in the Philippines

SM Cinemas has began running the teaser trailer for Mazinger Z Infinity which was screened in Japan last year; and I’m telling you that was huge. It did good in terms of ticket sales so now distributors are looking to pick it up for local release.

Here’s the post from SM Cinema’s official page:

This movie based on the works of Go Nagai, will be set 10 years after the events of the series with Dr. Hell defeated and Koji Kabuto maturing to become a scientist himself just like his father and grandfather. But the relative peace is disturbed with the reappearance of Hell and his army and the use of a new Mazinger mech as well.

If you wanna see what the actual Mazinger Z Infinity mecha looks, click HERE.

No release date for the Mazinger Z Infinity film here in the Philippines but we’ll be sure to report it when it comes out.

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