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Batman and Rorschach Team Up (Doomsday Clock # 3 Spoilers)

This week we take a look at the short-lived Batman and Rorschach team up which occurred in Doomsday Clock # 3 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank.

So there’s a lot of arcs happening in this book and for today, we look at the arc for the unnamed Rorschach 2, who turns out to be a different guy

For this issue, we get to see how Batman further reacts after finding out that Rorschach not only broke into the Batcave but also ate his breakfast, which is apparently a big thing for him.

Batman welcomes Rorschach into his home as he continues reading Walter Kovacs’ journal, which was left to expose Adrian Veidt’s deception at the end of Alan Moore’s seminal work Watchmen.

I will tell you something, this new Rorschach has some serious case of PTSD. Plus there’s also guilt with the fact that he partnered up with a mass murderer like Ozymandias in order to reach Doctor Manhattan.

We even see his mental scars while he dreams; which puts him in the direct line of fire of the squid monster when it materialized at the climax of Watchmen…

Batman then brings Rorschach 2 to the place where he believes Manhattan’s been staying… Arkham Asylum.

For this Batman and Rorschach Team Up, one of the real highlights was this grappling gun scene. So much love and nostalgia in just a few panels, with, sweet sweet art by Gary Frank no less!

That’s it for the whole Batman and Rorschach Team Up. It’s still early in the story to call it the last Batman and Rorschach Team Up but as far as we’re concerned, for now, this is really it.

For this subplot, there’s a lot of harkening to the old Nathaniel Dusk movies which could tie in to the general narrative. Everything that appears in this title is there for a reason. Even things as generic as the place where Batman: The Killing Joke happened has a reason for being there. That’s what makes this title such a good read.

As for me, I’m picking up the collected edition. That’s how I enjoyed Watchmen and that’s how I plan to do it for Doomsday Clock.


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