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Rejected Harley Quinn Design from Heroes in Crisis by Clay Mann Released

Heroes in Crisis artist Clay Mann recently shared rejected Harley Quinn designs that could have appeared in the pages of the book written by Tom King.

You can check out the design that never made it to the book below.

In his post, Mann writes:

A year ago today I tried to get a new look for Harley in HIC when she teams up with Batgirl. I was told “no”.
Snuck the collar in anyway. https://t.co/W8GggYibzw

Heroes in Crisis told the story of a murder that happens in the private Sanctuary where heroes visit to help deal with their trauma and anxieties. In the course of the story both Booster Gold and Harley Quinn try to clear their names and find the real Sanctuary murderer only to be revealed to be Wally West, who also died during the assault. Weird right?

I didn’t even bother understanding the whole story and was glad that DC Comics ended Heroes in Crisis in that way.

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