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War of the Realms # 3 Spoilers

Here are your War of the Realms # 3 spoilers from last week and the war goes bad for the heroes of Earth. The book is out and its written by Jason Aaron with art by Russell Dauterman.

So in this issue, we find out that Malekith really planned his attack through. Without Thor in the way, it was really easy to conquer Midgard as we did see in the past two issues.

The Teams are Organized, the mission is set.

Freyja tasks Captain America and his team to rescue Thor; even lends him Jarnbjorn.

We previously touched on the subject of Daredevil getting Heimdall’s powers and sword. In War of the Realms # 3 spoilers post, we find out that Heimdal gave Matt Murdock his sword and his powers

And him together with Heimdal and Jane Foster are tasked with protecting the Bifrost, which gets attacked almost immediately by elf bombers sent by Malekith.

We also meet Captain America’s team which consists of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

Spider-Man being quippy about having a shield instead of any other weapon.

Freyja leads her team into the depths of Svartalfheim with the goal of taking down Malekith’s black bifrost.

While they come in disguised, they eventually drop those thanks to Frank Castle aka The Punisher.

Freyja’s mission is to pretty much blow up Malekith’s “Black Bifrost” with the help of Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk who would discharge her stored gamma energy to blow up everything within the area.

In the UK, readers are introduced to the “War Avengers” led by Captain Marvel. They appear just in time before before Malekith kills Dane Whitman aka the Black Knight as well as other UK heroes like Spitfire and Union Jack.

The Dark elf also seems to show interest with Black Knight’s “Ebony Blade”.

war avengers war of the realms 3

The War Avengers assemble

I kinda like the team that’s been assembled as the War Avengers. We’ve got Deadpool, Venom, Winter Soldier, Sif, Captain Britain, Captain Marvel and Weapon H.

It’s Venom who manages to reach Malekith in the battle that ensues and the dark elf quickly finds out more about Eddie Brock and his symbiote partner. And the latter quickly dispatches Venom like he would a normal looking henchman. Malekith also disappears along with Venom.

War of the Realms # 3 also shows us what’s happening on the other parts of the world. We see the Fantastic Four defending another part of New York, the Angels of Heven attacking Wakanda, Namor defending the waters.

Even Agent of Wakanda Roz Solomon gets attacked by ROXXON ships. We also see Iron Man and Shuri teaming up as Avengers Mountain gets ready for a wave of attack by Malekith’s forces.

Back on Asgard, Daredevil and his team fail in defending the Bifrost, which cuts the good guys from travelling between realms.


Back with Captain America and his “Strikeforce” team, the team follow the trail of carnage left behind by Thor…

It looks like Thor went on full on Warrior’s Madness aka Berserker Rage.

Next issue, seems interesting too because Venom defects from the War Avengers and joins Malekith…

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