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Spoiler Dies in Amazing Spider-Man # 800

A long time Spidey supporter perishes in the war between Red Goblin and Spider-Man in Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man # 800.

In this issue we find Peter Parker desperately trying to end Norman Osborn’s attack on his friends and family and goes off to stop him leaving the new Anti-Venom, to take care of the injured allies.

Later in the issue, Red Goblin taunts Parker that he still managed to infect a few people that will eventually kill them. Its then revealed that Flash Thompson managed to get rid of the virus, saving their lives.

Oh and Peter bonded once more with Venom symbiote to get a better advantage against Red Goblin.

So going back to the fight, its then revealed that Flash finally found out who Spider-Man was after all these time.

It actually is touching. Why’d it take them so long to do this.

Red Goblin attacks once more and the two get separated. Spidey gets dragged away by the goblin glider while Osborn deals with Anti-Venom.

Osborn then puts the blame on Flash Thompson for ruining his plan of ruining Spidey’s life. In a shocking turn of events, the former Green Goblin uses his shock gloves to deliver a deadly dose of electricity on the injured Flash’s head.

It doesn’t kill him instantly but he definitely suffered big time for this particular injury.

Peter Parker lashes out from what happened to his friend and it instantly transforms him into a Venom-esque character. Flash Thompson however talks Peter to power down and avoid contaminating the symbiote which got cleared of malice during its time bonded to Thompson in space.

With that Flash Thompson falls and another great Spider-Man supporting character bites the dust.

Goodbye Agent Venom.

Amazing Spider-Man # 800 is still available in your favorite LCS.

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