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Top 10 Moments from House of X

As we welcome the next chapter of X-Men stories from Jonathan Hickman, we take a look at the Top 10 Moment from House of X by Jonathan Hickman and Pepe Larraz. Dawn of X sure looks to be big and the precedent of that comes from this and Powers of X.

Before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT!

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10. Wolverine, Jean Grey and Cyclops are an item?

So how do you solve the conundrum of the longest running love triangle in X-Men history? You put them in a menage-a-trois. Simple. Of course, its still up for debate whether Cyclops and Wolverine are an item. Don’t fret yet BL fans and fanfic aficionados.

9 Mother Mold

Leave it to writer Jonathan Hickman to further evolve the Sentinels and make them even more deadlier. For House of X, we get introduced to a Mother Mold. We already have Sentinel builders called Master Mold so he takes the next step and creates a character that creates Master Molds called the Mother Mold. But then there’s even more mechanical terrors in HoX like those Sentinels from Mars that crushed Jean or that terrifying Sentinel that killed Moira in one of her lives.

8. The Mutants and their cure

One of the first things people reading HoX gets to enjoy is that moment when the mutants show that they have the upperhand on humanity. In the six months between the end of Uncanny and the start of HoX, we find out that they have created a utopia using Krakoa and at the same time found cures for both physical and mental ailments. And they are giving this away freely with only the need to be recognized as a nation.

7 Surprise Deaths and Exiles

Death of husk

6. The Quiet Council

Within the story of House of X, we get to see that Magneto and Xavier have created a “Quiet Council” of good and bad mutants who would be calling the shots for Krakoa and their new mutant nation. The 12 members were divided into four groups based on the seasons and each season has three members each.

They even come together to pass judgment on Sabretooth…

5. Wolverine

Wolverine had a bit of attitude adjustment since he returned to the X-Men. We see him in issue 1 smiling and actually playing with mutant kids…

… he asks Nightcrawler about the afterlife and about God just…

and even in the fifth issue, we see the feral mutant share a beer with one of his toughest enemy, Gorgon…

And he’s doing a lot of good guy stuff throughout the other books including a Black Ops style rethread of X-Force.

4. Magneto and Xavier working together again

Why is this high on my list? Because its been awhile since we see these two mutant leaders worked together with nary a hint of distrust or disdain. These two are working like a couple, two become one. Of course Magneto still has a bit of hostility towards humans but thanks to Xavier by his side, those homicidal thoughts get kept at bay. Meanwhile, Magneto also helps “ground” Xavier with his ideas by the sheer power of friendship.


3. Apocalypse face turn

Hickman is setting up something big for Apocalypse. We know its big because its got ties to where the X-Men are currently living, which is the mutant island known as Krakoa. And as revealed in the story that Cypher learned through his connection with Krakoa, his evil brother Arrako and Apocalypse have some unfinished business. But more than that, it also looks like Apocalypse has some other plans he wants to enact on while living with all the mutants in the island. We all know he’s planning to revive his original Horsemen but what other role does he have with his new team in Excalibur?

2 Resurrection Five

We find out that Xavier has found a way to beat death and we see that with the reveal of the X-Men’s “Resurrection Five” which includes Hope Summers, the former villain Proteus, the new mutant member Goldballs, the time-manipulating mutant Eva Bell aka Tempus and the healer Elixir.

1. Moira MacTaggert and her multiple lives

The biggest surprise of them all was the fact that Moira McTaggert, a long time supporting cast of the X-Men was secretly a mutant with a whole new level of power is one that’s really the most interest. By revealing this, Hickman pretty much wrapped all the convuluted history of the mutants from one mutant inexplicably being alive after dying some time back. Hell, even Cyclops who was last seen with just one eye in the previous “Uncanny X-Men” run by Matthew Rosenberg is suddenly cured of his injury and was being nice to the Fantastic Four back in issue 1.

Moira X has been alive for 9 lives already and she’s told that she can only live for a total of ten. This current phase is her living in her tenth life apparently which is why she’s rather careful with how things go about. She even tells Xavier and Magneto that in the end, all the mutants lose no matter what she chooses to side with. It’s only through banding together that they could make it out alive.

So there you go, the Top 10 Moments from House of X. Follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo for more X-Men news and updates!

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