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DC’s Dark Days: The Casting Gets # 1 Cover from Jim Lee

Check out this awesome cover for DC’s Dark Days: The Casting # 1 done by none other than Jim Lee.

Dark Days: The Casting # 1 will build on towards Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Dark Nights: Metal, which is essentially a story that focuses on Batman’s mythos as well as an exploration around the DCU’s Nth Metal.

Dark Days posits a mystery that traces all the way back to when I started on Batman. I’ve hinted at them over the years with Easter eggs and clues. This is a mystery that literally begins at the dawn of man and spans generations of heroes and villains and ultimately leads to huge revelations about the past, present and future of the cosmology of DC.

Check out the entire cover below:

Interestingly enough, it depicts Batman and a few members of the Justice League saving Joker from an unknown menace. Joker is scared and Batman looks ready to bloody his fist to defend the clown prince of crime.

Dark Days: The Casting will be released July 12

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  1. June 16, 2017

    […] There’s a special someone that returns this week in the pages of DC Comics’ Dark Days: The Forge # 1 and it ties in neatly into the mystery behind the cover for the other Dark Days special, Dark Days: The Casting # 1 […]

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