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New Poster for Attack on Titan Season 3 and Release Date Announced

Check out this cool new poster for Attack on Titan season 3.

Looks like Levi’s in for a world of hurt as we continue to follow the story of Eren and his friends in the Survey Corps as they uncover the mysteries behind the appearance of the titans as well as protect civilization from the continued attacks of these man-eating creatures.

It’s also been revealed that NHK plans to release Attack on Titan season 3 starting July 2018. No specific date on July but it indicates that its closer than what we expected. Remember the time between season 1 and season 2? That won’t be the case anymore. Since NHK’s pretty much a new broadcaster for the anime series, it does promise that it will air Attack on Titan season 3 on a weekly basis when it begins airing.

The problem for fans though is the level of censorship the series, created by Hajime Isayama, could get because of the insane levels of violence and gore it has.

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