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No More Vampire! Jubilee is a Mutant Again – Generation X # 86

Today we’re checking out Generation X # 86 where its been revealed that Jubilee’s back to being a regular mutant now and now a vampire.

Generation X # 86 was written by Christina Strain with interior art by Amilcar Pinna

The cover was done by Terry Dodson too, who I really do miss in terms of interior art stuff. Loved his work during the Matt Fraction era of Uncanny X-Men.

So what happens is that while Jubilee was away trying to get Quintin Quire back to the school, M and her twin brother, Emplate un-synchs the school and picks off the students one by one.

Jubilee and Quintin Quire discuss the option of returning to the Xavier School

In the limbo dimension, the students try to find safety while M-Plate continues her rampage. Eventually, there’s a reunion of sorts between her and her former teammates in Generation X, namely Paige Guthrie aka Husk and Jonothon Starsmore aka Chamber.

Even characters like Roxy aka Bling! gets to show her powerful they are (and still no match for Monet and her twin).

Eventually Jubilee and Quire arrive just as the other students break DOA’s de-synch of reality around the school. The two former members of the original Generation X team fight but M plays dirty and removes Jubilee’s amulet (the one that keeps her from burning up in the sun because of her vampirism), then throws her outside… in broad daylight.

M separates Jubilee from her amulet, then tries to kill her.

Around this time Quintin Quire makes a realization about his teacher and uses the last shared of the Phoenix Force he has in his body to do some miraculous; incredible even.

The raptor effect saves Jubilee from death by turning her human and bringing back her mutant fireworks powers.

Pretty interesting development.

We really need to pick up Generation X # 86 and subsequently Generation X # 87 up until this current arc ends.


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