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Ray Porter reveals he was Darkseid for Justice League Snyder Cut

Since Zack Snyder and HBO has revealed the Justice League Snyder Cut was coming in 2021, little bits of details have popped up including the reveal that actor Ray Porter played Darkseid in the film.

Porter revealed the information after reacting to AT&T’s post on Twitter referencing the Lord of Apokolips.

He then tweeted his own reveal stating that he was indeed playing Darkseid when production was in full swing.

Check out a screenshot of his tweet below.

The man famous for audiobooks has been guarding this information since 2017 and was sad that he’s contribution to the film ended up in the cutting room floor. But hey, now he’s restored to his former glory.

According to the Justice League Snyder Cut story that has been spoiled some time ago, Darkseid was supposed to be part of the invasion scene in JL. He wasn’t Darkseid yet but rather a young Uxas. This was all scrapped in favor of the CGI heavy Steppenwolf.

The New God is set to appear both in the prologue and at the end of the film as well. Setting the tone for other Justice League movie back when everybody had high hopes for the DC Extended Universe or DCEU.

Justice League Snyder Cut is set for release 2021. It stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher.

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