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Future State Shazam # 1 Spoilers Does to unthinkable to Shazam and Billy Batson

Here are Future State Shazam # 1 spoilers for you from writer Tim Sheridan and artist Eduardo Pansisca.

Before we proceed, SPOILER ALERT

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Ok so in this future reality, set years from the present, the world is broken and we see Shazam playing leader to a new iteration of Justice League of America. But there’s problem here and in its core is Shazam formerly Billy Batson. He no longer connects with his family, particularly his sister Mary Marvel and has been a serious figure. Billy’s also been plagued by a recurring dream of him in Hell fighting demons and the villain Neron.

This team is composed of Powerhouse, Vixen, Question, Miss Martian, Bunker, Shazam and a missing Jakeem Thunder. The team operates in a base which used to be Detroit and are solving multiple murders too.

They respond to an emergency break-in led by Wonder Woman villain Giganta and a Manhunter robot who intend to emancipate The Creeper. Their intention was to extract Creeper and bring him to Kahndaq to face Black Adam but the League arrive in time and defeat the villains but not before seeing Creeper mysteriously murdered.

Question, being the paranoid that he is, raises concerns and questions their leader which Shazam promptly dismisses.

Later, Shazam confronts the captured Thunder and they fight; Shazam presumably kills Jakeem Thunder to keep his secrets. The following day, he awakens bruised and beaten and reports back to his team only to find that they are watching footage of him murdering the Creeper in cold blood.  This is the last segment in the present with Shazam about to lash out violently on his teammates.

In a flashback, its revealed that Shazam has been able to lock up the villain Neron in the Rock of Eternity. The problem is he’s not strong enough to keep them those forces at bay and Neron knows that. He wants Billy to be their warden because of his innocence but Shazam can’t do that because he needs Billy Batson on Earth. So Neron uses his powers to split them apart and he does a deal with them.

Billy is to stay locked up in the Rock with Neron (chained up and possibly tortured too) while Shazam stays on Earth to be the champion.


This didn’t pan out well though because as you see in the opening pages, everything went to hell after that and Shazam has been stuck on Earth cleaning up after the war.

I definitely want to see what happens next and if there are any changes to the Shazam family in those years that have passed.

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