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Seth Rollins Brings Back the Curbstomp Finisher, now rebranded as Blackout

This week’s episode of WWE RAW brings back a familiar arsenal for one half of the WWE tag champions and Shield member Seth Rollins called the curbstomp.

Rollins had a match with Balor club’s Finn Balor and they were evenly matched. That’s until Cesaro and Sheamus made an appearance. Back in the ring, Jason Jordan interferes in the match which gives the former WWE Universal champion the opening to reintroduce his finisher.

Rollins’ curbstomp was a banned finisher a few years ago because Vince McMahon deems it too violent. He was even quoted as saying that it bothered him seeing the kid version of Shane doing this move on a young Stephanie while horseplaying. He had his people take care of this which is why we don’t see Rollins pull off the move anymore.

Things have changed now apparently, so either WWE creative has done something or Vince got his bloodlust back. I just hope, as a spectator, that Rollins doesn’t get anybody seriously injured. Have you seen Balor after executing the move?

What do you guys think? Should the “Blackout” aka Curbstomp stay or has it overstayed it’s welcome by years already?

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