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WrestleMania 32 Highlights: Brock Lesnar v Dean Ambrose

Posting social media reports for WrestleMania 32 and sometime ago, we got ourselves a street fight between the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar and the tittymaster, Dean Ambrose.

wrestlemania 32 dean ambrose vs brock lesnar

Lesnar enters first together with his manager, Paul Heyman…

wrestlemania 32 brock lesnar

Ambrose enters the arena…

dean ambrose wm32

Reports are coming in that the match was furious with Ambrose flying all over the place in the first few minutes. Lesnar unleashes hell with numerous suplexes, ushering Ambrose to ‘Suplex City’.

Things get uglier when Lesnar pulls out a kendo stick from under the ring…

lesnar wm32

Intent on punishing Ambrose with the thing, their fortunes are reversed at a later point with Ambrose getting his crazy-ass hands on the kendo stick.

There was another point where Ambrose pulls out a chainsaw for his streetfight…

At the end, Lesnar proved to be the victor. But judging fan reaction on this match, it seemed like the major consensus was that this was a big letdown. Some were even saying that between this and the John Cena – Rock team-up promo versus the Wyatt family, WrestleMania 32 could have been really great. And i could see the reason why. But, I will watch the match later to see if this is really as bad as its been described or salvageable.

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