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Broken Matt Hardy Restores Brother Nero, Gets John Cena

Seven deities I am so much hooked with what Matt Hardy, excuse me, Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero is doing over at TNA Impact Wrestling. And believe it or not I’m pretty much updated on this storyline. This week, we have the aftermath of the recent match between the Hardys and the stable known as Decay.


The group composed of Rosemary, Abyss and Crazzy Steve kinda lost to the Hardys in the Hardy compound but they managed to injure Brother Nero and abduct Senyor Benjamin.

In the aftermath of Delete vs Decay, Broken Matt Hardy starts to get back up starting with his obsolete mule, Brother Nero. Watch the Hardys parodying John Cena, Rescuing Vanguard 1 and Senor Benjamin in this six minute video below:

I loved that moment when the old-school Jeff Hardy resurfaced. And that sting on John Cena was terrific. I snorted my coffee when I first saw it. I love it to be honest. It’s one of those pro-wrestling storylines and gimmicks that is just so bad, its good.

Seriously guys, you need to catch up, if you need brainless humor with one or two bad / corny stuff thrown into the mix. Plus you got to love Jeff’s new entrance music which was lifted from Peroxwhy?gen’s Obsolete.

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