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Zelina Vega starts her OnlyFans account

WWE superstar Zelina Vega has started her OnlyFans account despite the current issue of WWE banning their talents or *ahem* independent contractors from working on these platforms.

She goes by the name of Megan Minx and charges $30 for subscriptions to the platform. She’s also up front about the fact that she won’t be selling any nudes in the platform but I’m betting she’ll be doing more risque content including photos and videos with the platform.

You can check her Onlyfans account HERE

This is rather interesting a development too because as I mentioned earlier, WWE has already shown that they will no longer tolerate their talents showing up all over the place where they can monetize i.e Youtube and Cameo. Former Divas Champion Paige recently broke down on her Twitch stream when this topic was brought up…

So maybe that’s also the reason why she distanced herself from WWE and her WWE name.

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