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Avengers 4 Set Confirms Time Travel with Cap in his Avengers 1 Costume and Ant-Man in New Costume

JustJared.com shared a lot of new photos from the set of Avengers 4 featuring Chris Evans as Captain America in his old Avengers costume.

And he’s not alone for the trip back to the past. Also present in the filming are Mark Ruffalo in mocap gear; meaning when they time travel, he’s in his Hulk form OR wearing the Hulkbuster armor.

There’s also Tony Stark not wearing an Iron Man suit and instead looking more Sherlock Holmes-y in a navy blue suit.

Paul Rudd, who plays Scott Lang aka Ant-Man was also filming scenes at the time the photos were taken. Interestingly enough, he’s wearing the new Ant-Man suit from Ant-Man and the Wasp.

But here’s the kicker.

Three of these actors were spotting weird lookinf watches, which could be their time-travel device.

This puts more legs on the rumor that Avengers Infinity War does not end well for our heroes and they resort to going back to the past to set things differently.

With all this tampering, we may see an actual Watcher looking at them don’t you think.

There’s a lot more photo for this filming if Avengers 4 over at JustJared.com

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