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Flash War Pits Barry Allen Against the two Wally Wests

DC Comics is looking to change the status quo for The Flash books with the start of the new storyline called Flash War which promises to change the whole dynamic not just for the Fastest Man Alive, Barry Allen but also for his allies, the two versions of Wally West.

Flash War would be a story spearheaded by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter and will get it’s prelude in FLASH ANNUAL # 1

FLASH WAR” prelude! The biggest Flash story of 2018 starts here, with a special story starring the classic Wally West, who’s conflicted over whether to let Iris West know he is alive—and he’ll need the help of the Flash to figure out what to do! But when Magenta, Wally’s old love, needs his help, the Flash returns home to Keystone City where he is confronted with violent memories of an unknown world… A major turning point for the Flash family that sets the path for earth shattering stories in 2018!

Check out the easter egg-filled pages that have been released by Flash artist Howard Porter which features a nod to Bart Allen, Barry Allen’s grandson in the future aka Kid Flash aka Impusle.

Impulse’s doll has a smashed face which may mean something for the one-time Kid Flash. There’s also a portrait of Savitar, the god of speed. We can also see thrown in the mix a photo of Barry and Wally as Flash and Kid Flash from the Pre-New 52 era albeit split in half.

There’s also that Superman / The Flash race…

There’s another page from the Flash annual that not only gives us a quick run of the long history of the Flash, it could also be the key to the future of the Scarlet Speedster…

More importantly, Flash Annual # 1 talks about the elephant in the room. There are two Wally Wests, and one of them came from the original timeline. That definitely gives something to pause and I’m glade they’ll finally address this.

The Flash Annual #1, a prelude to “Flash War,” kicks off Jan. 31

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