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RUMOR: Lobo and Deadshot Movies No Longer Happening

Rumor has it that two DC movies that were supposed to happen are no longer happening namely LOBO and DEADSHOT.

The story goes that there are rumors that suggest that DEADSHOT’s solo movie won’t be happening partly because of how SUICIDE SQUAD turned out. Sure there would be a SUICIDE SQUAD 2 (with Gavin O’Conor directing and Adam Cozad writing the script). There’s also the fact that while the studio banked on DEADSHOT’s popularity when they released ‘Squad, that fizzled out because HARLEY QUINN got more popular.

There’s also Smith’s busy schedule as he’s getting ready to play Genie in Walt Disney Studios’ ALADDIN. There’s also the BRIGHT sequel together with Joel Edgerton for Netflix.

Meanwhile the LOBO movie won’t probably happen because of popularity issues. A little trip down memory lane if you will. DC announced a LOBO movie back in 2009 with Guy Ritchie slated to direct.

The crazy Czarian’s movie was also pegged to be a PG-13 movie but was later moved to an R-18 movie. Still didn’t save him from going to comic book movie limbo. There’s also the point that people would draw parallels with Fox’s Deadpool movie which starred Ryan Reynolds.

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