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How Did Gambit Survive his Honeymoon (Mr. And Mrs. X # 1)

This week’s Mr and Mrs X # 1 gives us an idea on how Gambit survived his honeymoon with Rogue after the surprise wedding.

The book was written by Jill Thompson with art by Oscar Bazaldua with art by Terry Dodson.

So in this issue, we go back to the actual wedding of Rogue and Gambit and we see all the little quirks here and there including Rogue and Magik looking for something that can help her during and after the wedding.

So its revealed that Rogue dug up an old power dampening collar to help keep Gambit alive.

All goes well until they get a call from current X-Men leader Kitty Pryde who gives them an important mission.

Well look at the brunt of action from the book in a later post. We’ll end this post with a thought from what we have seen in Mr and Mrs X # 1.

Who knew power dampening collars would be so cute. We have to thank the creative team of Thompson and Bazaldua for this amazing issue.

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