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When did Black Adam join the JSA?

Most common question for people who want to read more of Black Adam after watching the movie starring Dwayne Johnson. When did Black Adam join the JSA?

So when did this happen? Teth-Adam joining the JSA happened in JSA # 21.

The issue was written by Geoff Johns and David S. Goyer!

In this issue we start seeing Adam appearing regularly in the JSA book. Where he even actually asked Sand, the second Sandman of the team, if he can join the team. Adam wanted to reform and he saw the chance to join after helping the JSA in their previous mission taking on the mysterious Johnny Sorrow.

You can see even back then that he has a bit of loathing for Superman and even uses him in arguments with members of the JSA.

In Issue 22, Black Adam is already joining the team in various missions including talking to Hawkgirl aka Kendra Saunders; who at this point was made to realize that she cannot truly die and that her spirit keeps on getting reborn.

So while the team are apprehensive about Black Adam hanging around, he is definitely an important figure in future storylines and provides the muscle for the team especially since they are facing bigger threats and problems like the return of Hawkman.

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