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Black Adam mid-credit scene explained

Black Adam comes out now and let me help you understand the Black Adam mid-credit scene and why it’s an exciting bit for DC Comics and DCEU fans.

Before we proceed, read my Black Adam review which stars Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam.


spoiler alert photo

So what happened by the end of Black Adam?

An unmanned drone lands near what used to be the throne of Kahndaq and Black Adam approaches it. The drone then opens a hologram video featuring Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). The two take swipes at each other plus some big threats with Adam claiming nothing on Earth can stop him.

Waller then states that she can convince people not from Earth to help her before Adam destroys the drone with an electric blast.

A figure then lands amidst all the smoke and then we see Henry Cavill as Superman.

Black Adam smiles as its implied that the two will fight.

Screen then fades to black.


There’s a number of implications for this cameo. One is that Warner Bros has established that Cavill will continue to play the Man of Steel in future projects. This is a nice gesture especially since Cavill’s Superman has been in limbo for a few years now ever since we last saw him in “Justice League” and “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”.

One can also infer that DC Comics and Warner Bros have brought up their plans for Superman making appearances in other titles under their belt. And hopefully it won’t be just a shadowed face or zoomed away look but close up shots of “The Witcher” and “Mission Impossible Fallout” star.

Remember in “Peacemaker”, they did show the Justice League but we never got to see Cavill as Superman instead just a dimmed out, blacked out DLC character.

nor will it be the cropped out head of the Man of Steel like what we saw in Shazam.

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