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Thoughts and Sights from Pop Expo 2018

We recently got invited to cover Warner TV’s Pop Expo 2018 which is also co-presented by FlipGeeks. Here are my thoughts on the event which was held at the Bonifacio Global City.

This is the second time they did a Pop Expo convention, and just like last year, it was still in the Bonifacio High Street area with a few minor changes here and there. This year, the main stage was set up in the actual street, giving more room for people to see whats happening and at the same time maximizing the stuff they can do down the stage like say, let attendees sample various board games…

Cosmic Gorgons Cafe was hosting Injustice 2 fighting matches with their team and random people from the crowd. Definitely loved what they were doing.

As I mentioned above, they were actually letting attendees play various card games, which is always fun. I noticed that they weren’t all Warner IPs or content but who the hell cares, card games and boardgames are always fun.

Cosplayers were also fun to interact and observe for this event. So yeah, maybe they’re a bit all over the place but in the afternoon, you could see that they really did organize themselves to a specific place where people can take pictures with them.

Then there are the various activities that were available for people to participate in like the ever-engaging Arrow battle…

Overall, I loved the experience and I’m really hopeful we get to see Pop Expo next year, for their third year.

More photos in the gallery below:

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