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Gambit Joining X-MEN: RED, Nightcrawler Getting a Beard (We Kid You Not)

A couple of news for the upcoming X-Men book, X-MEN: RED as there’s a certain cajun that’s set to join the team in the third issue and a key member gets a surprising new look as well.

When they first revealed X-MEN: RED, Marvel kept on saying that the roster wasn’t complete and that they were adding a veteran X-Man to the team before the first arc ended and here we are now with the reveal that it’s actually Gambit joining Jean’s team by the third issue of the book written by Tom Taylor with art by Mahmud Asrar.

Here’s the official solicit for X-MEN: RED # 3

Things have heated up with attacks on mutants across the globe,” says series editor Mark Paniccia. “We know that one of the X-Men’s most powerful villains is behind the chaos, but will Jean, Nightcrawler, All-New Wolverine and Honey Badger have a chance to stop the next deadly wave? A favorite Cajun mutant might be able to tip the scales in their favor… but at what cost?”

The adventure begins this February, and Gambit officially joins X-MEN: RED this April!

Written by TOM TAYLOR
On-Sale 4/4/18

Still on the subject of X-MEN: RED, it also looks like a member of the team will be getting a new look, that being Nightcrawler aka Kurt Wagner. Here’s a cover for X-MEN: RED # 2 which features the ‘elf’ now sporting a beard.

I really don’t know how he managed to grow a beard that’s not color blue but its there. Hopefully we get to find out in issue 1 or 2.


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