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Marvel Takes a Jab at DC’s Captain Marvel in Infinity Countdown Prime # 1

This week’s Infinity Countdown Prime # 1 did a little jab at DC Comics’ former Captain Marvel in an interesting way.

There’s a big spoiler here from Infinity Countdown Prime # 1 so if you haven’t read the issue, I suggest you turn back. If not, SPOILER ALERT.



In this issue we get to see the characters that have an Infinity Stone. Logan has the space stone and Captain Marvel Carol Danvers just found the reality stone.

It looks like the other Captain Marvels from other realities have also found their own reality stones in different universes. But what’s so striking about this two page spread is the Captain Marvel that’s obviously cut at the far right hand side of the page. That’s certainly not Mar-Vell or Carol or any other version that we know of.

That’s because that IS DEFINITELY CAPTAIN MARVEL JR (or Captain Marvel with a blue costume).

The bigger question is where is he in the Marvel multiverse and where did he get his reality stone?

Pretty interesting. I’m definitely saying this was just a poke at the Distinguished Competition or at the worse, its a big F.U. to DC who is also making a “Captain Marvel” movie of their own called Shazam around the same time Marvel Studios is doing their Captain Marvel movie starring Brie Larson.

Infinity Countdown Prime # 1 is out now.

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