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Juggernaut Debuts New Look for X-Men Blue # 1

X-Men Blue # 1 gives a special treat to fans of the long-time X-Men villain and former X-Men member Juggernaut and to sum it up, its pretty neat.

Writer Cullen Bunn has shared in an interview with comicbook.com his insight about bringing back Cain Marko aka Juggernaut and his good buddy Black Tom Cassidy.

As anyone who read my UNCANNY X-MEN run knows, I enjoy delving back into X-Men history, and I love revisiting classic X-villains. We’re seeing Black Tom and Juggernaut–as classic an X-Men villain pairing as there’s ever been–in our first issue. But were also going to be seeing a number of fan-favorite villains from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and beyond. I hope that I’ve managed to add a few surprises to some of these classic villains, some things you wouldn’t expect. And there will be characters you haven’t seen in decades joining the cast.

Check out the few pages from X-Men Blue # 1 below:

I totally dig the new look they gave ol’ Jugster for the first issue of X-Men Blue. Firstly, it looks like they’ll be having a hard time actually removing the helmet and sending a psychic blast (which was how they usually take him out). Its also got this Bane vibe to him. A few additional plates of armor in his upper chest definitely makes him more bad-ass.


Me and a few members of #TeamFanboy would still prefer the classic look. Heck, we love the old classic look, we’ve been offering chickens to the pagan gods for giving us the Marvel Legends Juggernaut BAF (build-a-figure).

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