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First Look at Hawk and Dove for the Titans TV Show

Here’s our first official look at the characters Hawk and Dove from the upcoming Titans TV show.

titans hawk and dove first look

Hawk aka Hank Hall is the avatar for Chaos while Holly Granger is Dove, the avatar of order in the DCU. The duo first appeared in Showcase No. 75 and was created by Steve Ditko and Steve Skeates in June 1968.

The pair had gone through several books and had become members of the Teen Titans. This is the reason why the Titans have a statue of Hank’s brother, Don Hall aka the first Dove.

Don died during the first Crisis, Crisis on Infinite Earths saving a boy’s life. The powers bestowed by Lord Order then transferred to the second Dove, Dawn Granger who worked side by side with Hawk.

The duo has a rich history and I am really hoping they get the justice ith the Titans TV show. Plus I hope this really sparks an interest in the characters. I personally got piqued when they appeared in an episode of Justice League Unlimited where they played support to Wonder Woman, who was on a mission to stop the Annihilator.

Oh and before I forget, Hawk will be played on TV by Alan Ritchson while Dove will be played by Minka Kelly.

This marks the second official image too for the Titans TV series as they initially released the look of Brenton Thwaites as Robin/ Nightwing. Titans is set for release sometime in 2018 on DC’s own straeming channel.

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