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Marvel Legends Doctor Octopus & Aunt May VHS 2-pack revealed

Hasbro has unveiled a new look for the Marvel Legends Doctor Octopus & Aunt May VHS 2-pack based on their appearance in Spider-Man the Animated Series.


Here’s what Hasbro wrote on their Facebook page:

Just revealed during the #MarvelLegends #Fanstream, check out the Marvel Legends Series Doctor Octopus & Aunt May 2-Pack! This 2-pack is inspired by the 1994 Spider-Man: The Animated Series cartoon and comes in unique vintage-style VHS-themed packaging! Available for pre-order exclusively on #HasbroPulse beginning tomorrow at 1:00pm ET!
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Check out more photos for these two characters down below:

According to Hasbro, the Aunt May figure follows a more updated look and ofcourse Doc Ock is more slim compared to the recently released Doc Ock with Silk 2-pack from a few years back. Plus the tentacles are more wiry and poseable and they can be used for the comic book Otto Octavius version.

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