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Russell Dauterman gives a new Jean Grey costume based on her Hellfire Gala attire

X-Men artist and popular cover artist Russell Dauterman has shared a new look at a new Jean Grey costume which he admits was repurposed from her Hellfire Gala appearance.

What is the Hellfire Gala?

The short version is that it was a big event hosted by Krakoa which showed off the island for non-mutants with guests ranging from the Avengers to Doctor Doom. It was also the event where the official X-Men team was introduced to the residents of Krakoa as well as the world. In the pages of Planet-Size X-Men which also happened during the Hellfire Gala, some of the omega mutants were on Mars to terraform the red planet and turn it into a new hospitable world called Arakko.

And honestly, its about time that Marvel gave Jean a new costume for the Krakoa era / House of X era. I was a little peeved to be honest that they never bothered to give Jean a new costume when they shook up the status quo of the mutants.

Here’s another look at the new costume which Dauterman also teases will be seen in an upcoming issue of the current volume of X-Men.

And here’s a look at the Hellfire Gala Jean Grey costume from last year.

X-Men fashion glow up for the Hellfire Gala, Marvel’s version of the Met Gala
CR: Russell Dauterman


Here’s what Dauterman posted on his Instagram account:


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